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Alleviating poverty with the African Cashew Initiative

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Of the worldwide supply of cashew nuts, 40% are produced by a two million peasants in Africa. From there, 90% of these nuts are processed in other countries like India and Vietnam, rather than locally. The cashews are then shipped to European and North American markets, resulting in the uneven allocation of profits not in favor of the original producers. In order to increase the income from cashew farming for African producers in a sustainable way, the whole value chain has to be supported and integrated. The African Cashew initiative (ACi) aims at increasing the competitiveness of African producers in Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Mozambique. The higher goal is to sustainably reducing poverty in these regions. One of the major challenges for the ACi is how to permanently strengthen the cashew value chain in the context of five different countries.


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